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A Pitch Near You: UTSA Men's Club Soccer

A Pitch Near You serves as the San Antonio Scorpions FC's community showcase. We would not be here if it was not for our fans. Since you are all so devoted to us we want to give back to you by highlighting local clubs, teams or players in our community. If you have a recommendation for A Pitch Near You contact the Scorpions by filling out the form here.

UTSA Soccer Club

Texas Collegiate Soccer League - Premier Division
Head Coach: Eric Ashley

Mascot: Roadrunners

The University of Texas-San Antonio may not have an NCAA Men's soccer team but that has not stopped them from making a name for themselves in Texas college sports.

UTSA's club soccer team has been in existence since 1996 and has steadily grown in both prestige and performance through its 16-year history.

Eric Ashley serves as the current head coach of the Roadrunners and has guided the team to a strong 18-17-8 record since 2007 that includes a TCSL Southern Conference Championship.

This September UTSA will take on some of the biggest schools in the state in their third season with the TCSL Premier Division, the top club level division in the state. Each fall the Roadrunners take to the pitch to face teams from Big 12, including: the University of Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor. The club will also face off against I-35 rival Texas State. UTSA all has a second team that competes in the TCSL's 5th Division against the second teams from other major programs in the state.

"The club program is very organized," Ashley said of the degree of competition in the TCSL. "Both, UT and A&M have had success on a national level with winning a National Championship in club soccer. We want people to know that we want to have that kind of success as well."

As UTSA has grown so to has the soccer team. Each year more and more players with elite youth, high school or collegiate experience come to try out for a spot on the Roadrunners roster.

"As UTSA has grown the quality of players has grown too," Ashley said. "We have a lot of players that should be playing NCAA soccer."

Having competitive players is a big factor in the continuation of the club program at UTSA - something that Ashley feels is big goal for the team.

"We kid of fly under the radar here and we use that as a motivating factor," he said. "We want people to know that there is a quality men's soccer team on campus. Each time we take the field we are representing the university."